Custom Beef Raised by Jerry Roth
Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash

You Are What You Eat

As the saying goes, "you are what you eat." This holds true for animals as well as human mammals. According to a recent post by Successful Farming Today, when you switch from hay (dried grass) to fresh grass the resulting flavor of beef fed fresh grass prior to processing is so much better than those who have been eating only hay. Penury Hill Angus eat hay over the winter months when fresh grass is not available. Then for their last two months they are fed fresh grass. Our customers taste the difference.

Contented Cows on Grass

Neighbors, friends and people who learn where we live all comment on what nice looking cows we have. They see them in the pasture along County 51 and see what a quality herd of Angus we are raising.


Jerry analyzes potential herd sires to be sure of ease of calving and high rate-of-gain. Those traits promote long life for the mother cows and ensure that the feeder calves are finished and ready for market within 13-14 months. It's important to remember that all that is accomplished without the use of any growth hormones.


As we continue to breed and develop a fully registered Angus herd, we expect our beef to maintain its quality and deliver customer satisfaction.



We have a heavy footprint already here in our country. But we can make individual decisions that will affect the footprint of the future.


Do you buy endangered wood products or insist on cultivated wood products that are raised sustainably? Do you hunt or fish for only what you will eat and practice catch and release? Do you buy at local farmers markets? Do you support American workers by buying made in the USA products?


It is your choice whether you work with the resources you have or deplete the resources meant for future generations.


Think locally to have an impact globally. Our eyes must be focused ahead...our mission must be to protect the environment and our lifestyle for tomorrow. It is your choice and your responsibility to take small actions that take root and grow.


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