Custom Beef Raised by Jerry Roth

You are what you eat


After more than a year of eating at home much more often, many of us have come to recognize the importance of using quality ingredients to get quality results. That applies to fruits, vegetables, grains and especially meat. What a difference a prime cut of meat makes in a recipe. The texture, the flavor and the overall presentation of the completed recipe attest to the quality of Penury Hill Angus. 


Our beef is bred and raised to be the best. Quick growing, healthy animals yield quality beef on the table. You will taste the difference between a grocery store roast and a Penury Hill Angus roast.


In addition, you have the assurance that there are no added hormones or antibiotics to taint the flavor or affect your health when you purchase Penury Hill Angus.


Eat right. Stay healthy.

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Jerry Roth
32666 County 51 Blvd
Red Wing, MN 55066

Phone: 651 258-4802



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